Do You Really Know How Many People Have Your Key?

It would be great if someone would conduct a statistical analysis of the number of keys there are bumping around for the average Toronto apartment. Just think about a rental apartment where the locks haven’t been changed while the apartment has changed hands just 3 times. The number of people in possession of the keys could be simply staggering.

So…who really does have the key to your apartment? Well, the landlord has a copy as does the rental management company, if there is one. Many people will give keys to contractors, housekeepers, babysitters, dog walkers, friends and relatives. If you live in a rented apartment or home and you didn’t change the locks when you moved in then you can pretty much assume that all of the above listed relations of your apartment’s previous renters are also in possession of your keys.

If you didn’t change your locks when you moved into your property then I suggest in the strongest terms that you do so immediately. When you do give out copies of your new keys then you should definitely consider buying a lock with keys that require authorization before they can be duplicated.

At this point, you are probably asking yourself whether a “do not duplicate” sticker on a key will act as enough of a deterrent for most locksmiths not to duplicate the key without authorization. The truth is…yes. There are; however, exceptions and unsavory characters can be found in any industry. What it does is make it that much harder to duplicate and add another layer of security to your property. If your keys are difficult to copy then you can better stay on top of the number of copies floating around.

If you are moving into a new property or did not change your locks when you moved into your present home in or around Toronto then do not hesitate to call us any time day or night.