Enter The 21st Century With Biometric Security Locks

Once only the stuff of science fiction, biometric security locks are now available to everyone. If you are interested in securing your home, business or any of your most valued possessions then I highly recommend that you consider biometric locks.

Simply put, biometrics is the method of identifying people according to traits or characteristics. Biometric locks will recognize authorized people according to specific identifiers that include fingerprints, palm prints, hand geometry, voice recognition and eye scans and grant them access. If you are tired of forgetting your keys, schlepping around a heavy keychain and are interested in the cutting edge of security technology then you should look into a biometric security system.

Biometric locks offer you peace of mind. Not only do you not have to worry about forgetting your keys…there are no keys that can be copied and the lock can’t be bumped. Once the lock is installed, all that is to be done is to store the relevant biological information of all people to be granted access into the device.

Biometric locks will differ in the biological characteristics and traits that they identify. The most popular technologies include fingerprint recognition, palm print recognition, hand geometry, ocular scans, voice recognition and vascular pattern recognition.

For more information on biometrics see the following video:

Biometric locks have become extremely popular on commercial properties and people have started looking towards the technology to protect their home. But these locks aren’t only great for your doors; they are perfect for your safe as well. Whether you have a small cash box, guns safe or large home vault; these locks are ideal for securing valuable items. Another great use for biometric technologies is biometric time clocks. Instead of using time cards, people will clock in and out using their fingerprints or via retinal scan. With this technology, employees can’t clock in or out for friends.

There are a couple of slight disadvantages to biometric locks. The first is that being that they are electronic locks; they are reliant on electricity and thus susceptible to power outages. Without juice, these things won’t work. It is important to make sure that whatever device you purchase has some sort of backup system; either a key or backup batter. The second is that they cannot account for significant and sudden changes in the biological trait scanned due to injury or sickness, for example. In other words, if you have a lock that utilizes fingerprint recognition and you get a cut on your finger or a burn then the device might not allow you access.

Install biometric locks and say goodbye to your keys. If you live in Toronto or the GTA and are ready to step up your security then give us a call. We have all of the best biometric locks from most respected manufacturers in stock.