Fantastic Ideas For Pool Safety

Summer is in full swing which means that it’s hot, school is out and your kids and every other kid in the neighborhood can’t wait to jump into your pool. There is nothing better than having a pool in the summer; however, it is important to keep your pool secure in order to prevent any unfortunate accidents from occurring.

The first and most important thing that you have to do is teach your children to swim if you haven’t already. Most local community pools and centers will offer swimming lessons to children and you will be surprised how young kids can actually learn to swim.

Everyone that has a pool should invest in a pool fence. Even if you don’t have children, you might invite someone over that does. They can be somewhat costly; however, if constructed properly they will help keep any unsupervised young children from gaining access.

If you want to take it a bit step further then you might want to consider motion detectors and/or motion activated cameras around your pool area. These devices will notify your cell phone when activated and, in the case of the cameras, will even send you a video clip of the intruder (or child as the case may be).

I always recommend to everyone that they take a CPR class if they haven’t already. In the case of homeowners with pools, I believe that it should be a requirement. Regardless of what precautions you take, accidents can happen. If you have a pool then the least that you can do is be prepared for the worst.