Have A Professional Install Your Cabinet Door Locks And Save Yourself Some Grief

Sometimes when you DIY you actually DYW (Do Yourself Wrong). Cabinet doors can be very expensive and one wrong move with the drill when trying to install locks can result in a trip to the furniture store as one of our clients found out the hard way…

The other day I was called to the home of a young couple in Montreal. They are getting ready to have a baby and decided to install locks on a number of their cabinets. Their cabinets are new and beautiful and unfortunately now have a couple of superfluous drill holes. They really gave it their best but, in the end, needed to have a couple of doors replaced.

Whether you are trying to keep your toddler away from your cleaning detergents, your teens out of your liquor cabinet or secure valuables, having locks installed on your cabinet doors will contribute to your home’s security. The issue is that cabinets and their doors are a very significant piece of furniture and any misstep in installation can result in very serious and expensive damage as the young couple I encountered the other day found out.

As simple as one might think it is to install locks on cabinet doors, the reality is that you have to be really careful. There are a couple of critical things that have to be considered when installing these locks.

First is the length of the cam lock cylinder and the casing that is going to be installed. It is critical that the overall length of the cam lock cylinder and the casing enable the tailpiece of the lock to engage with the other door or support beam, as the case may be. domain whois In the event that the lock is not long enough to cover the thickness of the door, the nut can’t be installed on the back of the cam lock thus won’t be secured in position.

Second is the distance from the edge of the door where the door locks are being installed. If the lock is installed to close to the edge of the door then you risk the possibility of splitting the door when drilling. If the lock is installed too far from the door’s edge then the tailpiece of the lock won’t have the length to secure the door.

When installing a cam lock on a double-door cabinet, one must consider installing an elbow catch in order to secure the door that isn’t having the lock installed. In this way, the door will provide a solid anchor for the tail piece of the cam lock to lock against.

All of the locksmiths at Toronto’s Certified Locksmiths have a great deal of experience with installing cabinet door locks and have all of the tools to properly install any cabinet door locks without causing damage either to the locks or your beautiful cabinets.