If You Are Moving Into A New Home Then Don’t Forget To Reset The Garage Door Opener

The typical garage can be an absolute Nirvana for burglars. If you haven’t reset the garage door opener when you moved into your home then you really can’t be sure that you got all of the remote openers back from the previous owners or tenants and thus don’t know who has access to your garage and your home.

It’s easy to understand why burglars love garages so much. Not only will they house your cars, motorcycles and other vehicles, but they tend to house a host of other goodies such as tools, garden and lawn equipment, storage and plenty of other valuable and easily fenced items. Of course, most garages will share an adjoining door with the home which raises a more serious issue. This is that once a burglar has access to the garage then they will have a concealed entry point through which to enter the home.

Most people know to rekey the locks on the doors when entering a new home; however, many people still neglect to reset the garage door opener. When you call Toronto’s Certified Locksmith to rekey the locks to your new home, don’t forget to have us reset the garage door opener. The procedure is quick and easy; requiring that the locksmith simply clear all of the remote openers out of the system and programming the remote openers that you wish one by one into the system.

Do yourself a favor and don’t make it easy for burglars to access your home. Give us a call and have us reset your garage door opener today.