Is Your Medicine Cabinet Causing More Headaches Then It’s Curing

If your family is anything like mine then I know that there is a tendency to turn your medicine cabinet into a stash for all kinds of junk; including, floss, band-aids, moisturizing creams, barrettes and much more. The truth is that it isn’t a junk cabinet and it is important that we act accordingly.

While some of the things that one might find in a medicine cabinet are absolutely harmless and mundane, some are most certainly not. A medicine cabinet is definitely a source of concern but with the proper upkeep and security, you can sleep quite soundly.

The first thing that you should do, if you haven’t already, is install a lock on your medicine cabinet. This is an absolute imperative, especially if you have children. These days, you can even find locks that will send you a text message in the event that the medicine cabinet is opened.

Every once and a while, you should go through your medicine cabinet and get rid of all the expired medications. Outdated medications might not only be less effective but they could actually be harmful.

It is important to keep your medicine cabinet organized. Make sure that all of your medication remains in their correct boxes and that all lids are properly secured. I don’t think that I need to write about the dangers of mixing up medications.

Finally, I always recommend that people give the location of their medicine cabinet a second thought. For the most part, people will have their medicine cabinet in either the bathroom or the kitchen. Since most drugs are sensitive to both temperature changes and humidity, the bathroom and the kitchen are actually the worst places in the house to store medication. Consider an area that is cool, with low humidity and out of the reach of children.