Live Like The Jetsons With Kwikset’s Awesome Home Connect Technology

The people at Kwikset have really outdone themselves with the introduction of their Home Connect technology.

This technology doesn’t just represent a step forward in home security but it actually provides you with a very smart way to connect with your home. Have your kids ever locked themselves out of the house when you were at work? Imagine that you could unlock your front door with your cell phone or, better yet, that your home will send you a text message when your kids get in from school.

Home Connect is available in a special series of SmartCode deadbolts and levers and they come in a variety of finishes and designs. All of these locking products run on four AA batteries and their motorized locking mechanisms are operated using wireless technology thus they require no hard wiring. In addition, the locks feature Kwikset’s SmartKey Re-key Technology and BumpGuard Protection and are very easy to install, usually requiring no more than a screwdriver.

The true magic in these products is how they can be integrated with other systems in your home; including, your security system, entertainment system and even the thermostat and lighting. When integrated with your security system, the doors can be locked automatically when the system is armed and disarmed when the door is unlocked. You will be able to check the status of your locks remotely, lock and unlock them remotely and even have a picture or video sent when someone enters your home.