Looking For Creative Home Security Ideas

You have great locks on your doors and windows, excellent exterior lighting, top-notch alarm system with motion detectors and all of the bells and whistles…now what?

The truth of the matter is that you can get as creative as you wish when it comes to home security. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the conventional methods of securing your home; however, the sky is really the limit when it comes to creative options available.

Of all of the creative options available in the market today, my absolute favorite, albeit extreme, are the products put out by a company called Burglar Bomb Security Systems. As you might imagine from the name of the company, these aren’t devices that one would like to set off by accident. When activated, these devices will fill a space with a powerful OC pepper irritant through an aerosol delivery system. Unless the burglar came prepared with a gas mask, they will most likely flee your home crying for their mommy. Thanks to the aerosol delivery system, the spray can be aired out fairly quickly without any lingering odors or damage to carpets or furnishings.

If you have a trailer next to your house where you store equipment then you should consider installing a wireless motion detector in it. As long as the trailer is within wi-fi range of your home’s alarm system then you are good to go. The great thing about these products is that they will not only be triggered if someone is in your trailer, it will also be triggered if the motion detector loses its connection with your home’s alarm system (in other words, if someone is trying to steal your trailer).

Stationary security cameras are great for your home but remote controlled cameras are even better. These days, cameras will notify you when someone enters your home and will send you a brief video clip. With remote controlled cameras, you can go online and completely scan all of the rooms where you have had cameras installed.

A fairly popular thing to do these days is to install sensors on backyard and pool fences. The sensors will trigger a little chime that will not only inform you of intruders but will also inform you if your kids are trying to get into the pool…without permission.

You might want to consider purchasing temperature sensors, especially if you like to vacation in the winters. If the heat turns off for whatever reason while you’re away then your pipes could freeze. This could lead to some serious damage and expensive repairs. A temperature sensor will notify you of any changes in temperature and allow you to take appropriate action and save yourself a great deal of money.

If your home is a little bit older and prone to leaks then I highly suggest that you pick up a water sensor. You can install them at the places in your home that you are most concerned about and it will notify you at the first signs of leakage. This will go a long way towards reducing any associated costs with repair and damage.