Secure Your Home And Protect Your Family With Medeco Maxum Residential Deadbolts

Medeco offers homeowners a full suite of state-of-the-art locks boasting the highest levels of physical protection and aesthetic beauty.

If you are in the market for a new deadbolt for your home then we highly recommend Medeco Maxum Residential deadbolts. Medeco offers a full range of locks and security solutions all ingeniously designed to thwart the techniques of even the most experienced of burglars.

These deadbolts not only offer unbridled security, exceeding the ANSI Grade 1 standard, but are very appealing to the eye. They are constructed of solid brass and their mounting bolts are resistant to prying, wrenching and hammering. Moreover, hardened steel rotating pins and inserts are resistant to pick and drill attacks in accordance with the UL 437 standard.

The Maxum Residential deadbolt is available in two different models, Medeco3 and BiLevel. The Medeco3 model offers additional security with a special innovative utility patent that offers you protection against key any unwanted key duplications.

Another great thing about these locks is that they are available in eight different finishes so you are sure to find a good color match for doors.

Toronto’s Certified Locksmiths maintains a full inventory of Medeco products as well as security solutions from all of the other leading manufacturers. Give us a call for a price quote today.

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