Shave Pounds Off Your Key Chain And Use Padlocks That Can Be Keyed

If you are one of those people that carry a couple of pounds of ragged metal around in your pocket then it might be time to consider consolidating your locks and keys and your padlocks are a great place to start.

My grandfather once told me that you could judge the amount of responsibility a man carries on his shoulders by the size of their key chain. Unfortunately, this left many people with not only the burden of responsibility on their shoulders but in their pockets as well. I say this in the past tense; however, the truth of the matter is that I still encounter people to this day with key chains that would prove a test to even the most sturdy of work horses. Aside from being truly annoying for the holder of the key chain, excessive weight of keys on a key chain can actually cause damage to the ignition cylinder of a car.

One of the many things that FC Locksmith tries to do for its customers is minimize the number of keys that they carry by consolidating their keys. A very effective way to go about doing this is by having them do away with their old padlocks and replacing them with new padlocks that can be rekeyed to match their front door key or whatever door that they wish. Both Schlage and Abus offer a full suite top-of-the-line padlocks that can be rekeyed to any Yale, Kwikset or Schlage keys. As it turns out, these three key companies are amongst the most common brands of residential keys in the Canadian market.

If you have too many keys on your key chain and around your home then give us a call. We will provide you with padlocks for your lockers, bicycles, motorcycles and sheds that can be rekeyed to your front key and save you aggravation and even save you from a visit to the chiropractor along the way.