What In The World Is A Bump Key?

If you have ever been shopping for locks then the term “bump resistant” is probably familiar to you but do you know what it means to be bump resistant? Burglars have been making bump keys for years and it is important that you become familiar with this phenomenon.

Different locks and deadbolts will offer different levels of security ranging from standard locks to high security locks that are both bump and pick resistant. The range in price can be fairly significant so it is important to match the lock to your needs.

Unfortunately, standard locks do not offer you a whole lot of protection against a nefarious character that knows what they are doing. A “professional” burglar will have the necessary skills required to bump or pick a standard lock quickly and efficiently and in such a way as to draw no attention to themselves.

Everyone knows what lock picking is all about and you have most likely tried it yourself when locked out of your home or some room. The question is “What is a bump key?” A bump key is a special key cut in a particular way that is created for standard locks. The bump key is inserted into the lock cylinder and then lightly bumped or vibrated. With a minimal level of skill, a burglar can jostle the locking mechanism of a standard lock and open it using a bump key.

Check out the clip below to see how easy it is to create and use a bump key.

Locks that are resistant to bump keys and lock picking are simply much more difficult to open without a proper key. Typically, when a burglar tries to break in to a door protected by such a lock must resort to destructive measures such as drilling in order to gain access. Such measures tend to make a great deal of noise. As burglars tend to avoid noise, they will most likely avoid homes with bump and pick resistant locks and look elsewhere.

If you have any questions regarding bump and pick resistant locks then do not hesitated to call Toronto’s Certified Locksmiths. We have all of the latest models from all of the industry’s top manufacturers in stock and can have someone to your home in no time to install one.